Baraque de Fraiture in the Luxembourg province is well known for its ski slopes and winter walks, but did you know that there is so much more to discover around this little gem? Let’s create unforgettable memories in the Ardennes with these 5 must-see destinations!

I hope you will enjoy these five little gems around Baraque de Fraiture. I think it's a wonderful place for a road trip or little day trips. If you are in the area you can also stop to enjoy the view over the ski slopes of Belgium.  

Plateau des Tailles

Baraque de Fraiture is the second highest point of Belgium with an altitude of 652m making this the central landmark for the Plateau des Tailles. The Plateau is a natural reserve covering the Natural Park of the Two Ourthes, the Amblèves rivers, and different forests.

My favorite walk here is the “walk of the Fagne Sacrawe'' with multiple boards giving you information on the fauna and flora of the region. The path goes through forests, villages, and Fagnes but the best part is the one on the little wooden bridges. This easy hike of 6 km is for everyone and kids will love it!

Barrage de Nisramont

The dam of Nisramont is an iconic place in La-Roche-en-Ardenne where multiple activities take place such as kayaking, rafting, fishing ...  During summer you can enjoy “packrafting”. Which is an outdoor activity that combines backpacking and rafting and is super fun for the adventurous people among us.

The barrage in itself is already really impressive but the walk around it is the real treat! The dam is 116 m long and 16 m high so you can take amazing pictures of this place. Ready for the hike? You can opt for different walks depending on your level. The first one is family-friendly and only covers the dam itself. This is 1,5 km long and gives you a beautiful view over the lake.

The second hike is 13 km long and is perfect for people in good condition who love a challenge and is called ‘the Hikes of the two Ourthes’. It is filled with beautiful viewpoints, forests, bridges, and little wooden paths. As the name suggests, this walk will bring you across the two Ourthe rivers and is perfect during any season!

La Charmille du Haut Marêt

La Charmille is also called the cradle of La Reid. With over 4700 hornbeam plants that are mostly over 100 years old, this is the longest plant tunnel in Europe. With its 573 meters of wonderful vegetation, it's definitely on the must-see list. The walk is accessible every time of the year and is gorgeous during every season.

Did you know La Charmille is a little hidden place near the well-known Ninglinspo walk? The Ninglinspo is the only mountain river in Belgium and often makes the list of the most beautiful walks in our country.

Le Hérou walk

The Hérou is a gigantic rock with a length of 1400 meters that runs vertically upwards from the Ourthe river in Nadrin in the Belgian Ardennes. This hike is for daredevils only and gives you the BEST panorama of the whole Ardennes. Ok maybe I am a bit biased as this is my favorite place in the Ardennes but you will see this view is just gorgeous. 

While hiking the Hérou and standing on the cliff is only for adventurous adults, there is also an alternative for families so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of this rock. The hike continues alongside the Ourthe river which is lovely during summer. 

Beaver spotting in Achouffe

Ready to see something amazing during your day trip through Belgium? Let's go on a walk through the fairy valley in Achouffe. Here the beavers, who are amazing architects, have built enormous dams and have changed the river completely. If you are quiet you will even be able to spot them!

Recently the Belgian government decided that beavers should not be hunted anymore and should be reintroduced in Wallonia because of the richness they bring to the diversity of a forest. By allowing them to return to their natural habitat, the beavers create large dams that change the course of the river. By doing this, they are making the soil moist again and allowing other plants, which have normally disappeared from our biodiversity in Belgium, to live again.

Start at the brewery of Achouffe, here you will find a big free parking lot and different information signs to start your walk. You have different paths starting at the brewery, something for everyone. The one I am presenting to you today is the one of 6 km through the fairy valley.

Follow the blue and white signs but don't miss out on the Achouffe garden filled with houses of little dwarfs and information boards.