Struggling to keep your kid entertained and feeling guilty as you’re using the TV as a last resort again? We all want to go outside, but where to go and what to do is not always so easy to figure out! There’s only so many times you can go to the playgrounds in your neighborhood. Luckily, we’ve found some activities for you to do with the kids that’ll keep them active and happy. Bonus - they’re mostly free and give you a change in scenery too! 

We’ve found all kinds of fun across Flanders for you and your little ones. You can go treasure hunting in the park with the kids or take them entertained at the unique sound experience Klankenbos. Whatever you and your kid like to do, there’s an activity out there. Yup, even in lockdown. 

Climb up Adventure Mountain

Two children and a man run down an asphalt covered slope surrounded by wooden poles with blue sky in the background.
Valerie Plessers | Toerisme Beringen

Now, while this may sound like a Disney park attraction, unfortunately it isn’t. But, don’t worry! It’s still *heaps* of fun and will get the kids active! Little ones can find plenty of adventure up Beringen’s own Adventure Mountain. 

Watch the kids clamber, climb, run and slide up and down this huge slope, formed from an old mining slag heap. Follow them up on a leisurely stroll to the top and enjoy the beautiful views or get a sweat on with them and fit in your own, playful workout as you navigate the ‘mountain’. 

Once you’ve tired out the kids, and maybe yourself, relax and check out the nearby shopping boulevard where you can spend the money you’ve saved by visiting Avonturenburg, ‘cause it’s totally free! 

Get Troll Hunting at De Schorre 

Large wooden troll sculpture by Thomas Dambo wearing a mask sitting down by the magic lookout tower in De Schorre Park
Ilse Ruttens Van De Velde

This isn’t an ordinary trip to the park! You and your kids can act out as adventurers hunting down the 7 trolls at the park. They can be as tall as 18m. Cool sight to see, you know. Let the kids take the lead and wander the paths searching them down or lead them over to the lookout tower.

At the lookout tower, you and the kids will have a great view of the whole park to get your hunt started. If you want a cheat sheet, you can get a map from the visitor centre… Just don’t let the kids see!

When you’ve found all the trolls, the kids can enjoy their victory at the massive outdoor playground. It’s free too (yay!) and you get to relax at the nearby big terrace. 

Get an Earful at Klankenbos 

Partially, submerged in green bushes and grass, 4 bright red boxes line a dirt path.
Jonathan Ramael | Visit Limburg

There’s only so many walks you can go on before it gets a bit old, so change it up and engage the kids with something different. The Klankenbos trail lets you and the kids pay with a bunch of interactive sound art installations. 

Turn the walk into a treasure hunt and try and find all of the cool pieces of sound art, or use the handy GPS app, and get the kids using their ears for once. Keep them interested and set them the challenge of discovering the unique and interesting sound each installation makes. 

Once you’ve finished the trail, make sure to head over to the Scoutsrally café for a snack and let them enjoy the big outdoor playground or maybe even try out some minigolf. 

Treasure Hunt at Oude Landen

Four Scottish highland cattle grazing in a field in de Oude Landen nature reserve in autumn, Antwerp
Jules Grandgagnage

We’ve all been looking up stuff of things to do in lockdown with kids. If you’re running out of weird craft projects, it’s time to get outside. 

Every park has a playground, right? You could pick the regular option of heading to the nearby park and letting the kids go wild on the slides, but there’s more to do than that. Let the kids play as treasure hunters at Oude Landen. As a family you can hunt down clues all over the park to open up a treasure chest. Reserve your spot to get a treasure hunting kit. Armed with a compass, magnifying glass and a bunch of other tools, you’ll hunt down the code to open up the treasure chest. 

When you open up the chest, the kids get to pick something to keep from the treasure. You have to drop them an email to reserve a spot and pay a few euros! Interested? Click below

Complete a Quest in Comines 

Bicycle and attached escape game equipment box atop a bridge outdoors in Comines-Warneton
Escapegames Comines

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Take part in an IRL co-op game with the kids outdoors. You’ll have to work together on your bikes to follow the clues and find the missing glass ball. If you and the fam are gamers and puzzle solvers, there’s no better choice than questing outdoors. 

Choose from Dutch, English or French for your quest. You and the kids will cycle along Comines city to win the game for about 25 km. Yes, you’re tricking the kids into being active. It’s easy enough to get bored of the same games in lockdown, right? So get out and try something new!