Get artsy this year in our favourite spots you probably haven’t seen before in Belgium. We’re not talking regular galleries! From fashion, to industrial art, to street art and art nouveau, we’ve got the best art locations for you to see in Belgium. 

Fill your feed with tons of different art styles and get creative by exploring these Belgian art spaces. Explore some unusual and not-so-typical art. 

If you’re ready to level up from the regular art galleries, we’ve got you covered. Get those creative juices flowing at the Art Nouveau style winter garden. And so much more. Whatever your style, there’s a creative space for you just waiting to be discovered in Belgium. 

Modemuseum Hasselt

A pair of old, white trousers are hung on the wall of a red corridor in a black frame
Modemuseum Hasselt

There’s no better time to take a deep dive into fashion history than right now. Hasselt, a city in Belgium, has a long history of fashion. Did you know that back in the Middle Ages, Hasselt got international recognition for being a cloth city? These days, you can see the history of fashion from the 1750s of the West at Modemuseum. 

We all want a massive wardrobe. But, there’s just never enough space. Somehow, Modemusum has managed to squeeze in 18,000 fashion pieces into their fashion museum. They’ve got Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and clothes from Limburg designers too. We’re not jealous or anything… Join us in drooling over these historic runway looks and more at Modemuseum Hasselt.  

Ursuline Winter Garden 

Art Nouveau style winter garden conservatory with stained glass roof with various greenery in Ursuline Winter Garden
Visit Flanders

Though you can’t visit until at least the 15th Jan due to the Belgium coronavirus lockdown, you can throw the Ursuline Winter Garden on your bucket list.

This Art Nouveau stunning location on the outskirts of Mechelen actually used to be an all girl’s Catholic school with The Ursuline Institute.

Who knew schools could actually look that good? Everyone’s favourite at the winter garden is their conservatory. It’s got a unique Art Nouveau glass ceiling with a colourful, natural scenery. 

Surprisingly, no one really knows who the architect was. It’s an artsy unsolved mystery! Check out the Ursuline Winter Garden for yourself to see the work of this mystery artist. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired yourself. 

Graffiti Alley Ghent 

Colourful, futuristic graffiti is painted along the side of the walls of a thin alley
Marco Crupi | Flickr

You might know Ghent for being the biggest city in East Flanders and its super long history. Seriously, it’s been around since at least 630 AD. However, as much as we love the classics, it’s time to bring in the modern! Belgium has tons of street art in its cities, but there’s really a few that have fully embraced graffiti art and we’re here for it. At these ‘tolerance zones’ your inner graffiti artist can come out to play. 

Walking throughout Ghent, you’ll definitely notice the 140+ street art murals by local and international graffiti artists. This means Ghent city itself is kinda like an outdoor gallery for graffiti art that’s getting new exhibits all the time. Explore and see what new art you can find or pick up a spray can and get creative. We can’t wait to see what you make. 

Museum-Gallery Xpo Salvador Dalí

Surreal black marble statue in the Museum-Gallery Xpo Salvador Dalí, Bruges, Belgium
Jan D'Hondt | Toerisme Brugge

Every art lover and their mother knows Dali. Everyone’s seen those surreal melting clocks. But this museum-gallery in the heart of Bruges shows off more than the artist’s popular works. Seriously, Dali created everything from the Chupa Chups logo to illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. We love an artist with range, don’t you? Dive into the world of Dali to see graphic art, statues, and all things quirky you probably seen before by Dali. There is something nice about browsing a gallery of one artist’s work to get the full view of the art they made throughout their life. 

Why is there a specialised Dali museum-gallery in the middle of Bruges? Mostly because Dali’s art is cool. But one private collector has opened up all their artsy goods for you to see. If that sounds like your kinda thing, check out more details below. 

Verbeke Foundation

A car at the Verbeke Foundation
Live the World

Forget art galleries with minimalistic, white buildings. 2021 is the year for the amazing and wonderful. Verbeke Foundation is a unique modern art gallery in Kemzeke that’s made up of scaffolds, old minibuses, and older transmission towers. Check out the bigger artworks outside for an eyeful of fantastical modern art. This is one art gallery that you can bring children to without worrying about them getting bored. The kids can climb up the bigger artworks right outside the gallery. Who doesn’t like an interactive experience? 

Get the art gallery experience in a new way by exploring as much as you can. Discover modern art with a handy map in your pocket to unlock all the inspiration you need to get creative.